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15 Jul 2018 10:13 AM | Anonymous

I have been following groups that promote creationism since about 1989, and what I  have observed is they are becoming more sophisticated. Those early guys, back in 1989, they were biblical literalists. They wanted us to know the Earth and everything on it was created in six days and are less than 6000 years old. They objected to the teaching of evolutionary biology in  public schools. They also objected to teaching modern geology, which reveals the Earth is more like 4.5 billion years old.

That didn't work. After having their way in 1925 with the conviction of John Scopes for teaching evolution in Dayton, Tennessee, the creationists began  to lose the battle, as the push to align school curricula with modern science came from the federal  government. Challenging the new teachings, the so-called young Earth creationists (YEC) lost big in Arkansas, when in 1982 Federal  Judge William Overton concluded, based on the evidence presented in McLean v. Arkansas, that creationism is a totally religious concept and has no basis in science. The creationists lost again in 1987 in Louisiana in a case termed Edwards v. Aguillard that requiring creationism be taught if evolution is taught has a solely religious intent. Notably Justice Antonin Scalia dissented.

Enter about that time a new breed of creationists. They had real Ph.D. degrees, some actually in  biology, and they did not deny the age of the Earth. But they wanted us to know that natural processes cannot account for the known facts. There must be an Intelligent Designer behind it all.

The modern catalyst for the Intelligent Design movement is credited as law professor Phillip E. Johnson, who wrote a book Darwin on Trial, and got the ball rolling. I met Johnson in 1992 at a related symposium at SMU and obtained an autographed copy of his book. Also there were a number of those there who were to become principal players in today's Intelligent Design movement. One who was supposedly there, but whom I did not meet, was Stephen C. Meyer, a Ph.D. in philosophy of science who later established the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle. The Discovery institute is the prime proponent of Intelligent Design in this country, and their influence has been felt in major cases involving the push to introduce Intelligent Design in public schools.

A tactic of the modern creationists is to disclaim religious intent. On their face they proclaim no godly motivation and have refused to  identify who the Intelligent Designer is supposed to be. They have been thinking that if you convince students there is an Intelligent  Designer, then students are going figure out it is the God of Abraham, leading directly to Jesus. That didn't sell very well, and I am beginning to notice something. Particularly, Stephen C. Meyer no longer disclaims God, rather he embraces the Almighty in his presentations. And that's what this post is about.

Last year I caught the video Is the Bible Reliable, produced by Focus on the Family and streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It's a series of ten episodes, each featuring a lecture by Stephen C. Meyer. I came away from my review with a number of conclusions:

  • Stephen C. Meyer wants you to know the Intelligent Designer is the God of Abraham.
  • He wants you to know the Bible is factual.
  • His presentations are salted with spurious assertions and incorrect information.
Get the background by reading through the review I posted last year. The review is spread over four posts, and the link is to the fourth and final post. The posts are back-linked, so you can click the back link until you get to the first post. Here's the link:
I want to get some conversation going, and the best way you can get involved is to post comments to the original story. I will respond, and others likely will, as well.
Keep reading. This news page is planned to be a base for getting views out to the public and to generate interest in FACT and in our goals.


  • 15 Jul 2018 8:04 PM | Anonymous
    When I was a kid most Christians agreed the bible was metaphoric at best. My own mother a devout Episcopalian loved the poem " when I was a tadpole and you were a fish" and believed God worked through evolution. Creationists have painted themselves into a corner by claiming the bible is literal and inerrant. It will destroy them eventuall
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