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11 Jul 2018 6:24 PM | Anonymous

Greetings to members of Freethinkers Association of Central Texas. It is my pleasure to assume the task of managing the FACT newsletter. As you may already know, Debra Ragan, who has been the editor, is moving to  Great Britain, which I am told is an island off the western coast of Europe. From what I can tell, she has been doing an admirable job of managing the newsletter, and my goal is to live up to the expectations she has created. For now, I need to introduce myself.

I am a retired engineer, having moved to San Antonio from Dallas in  2010.  While in Dallas I was heavily involved in The North Texas Skeptics, an organization that loosely parallels FACT in ideals. For a number of years I managed their Web site and edited the newsletter.

My tone for the NTS was sometimes harsh and cruel, and it earned me some notoriety. If you Google my name you will find a page posted by a creationist calling me a Bible hater and a liar. I would sue, except that most of what is said on the page is true. For our newsletter I promise to  soften my tone. Keep me in line if you find me becoming strident.

There is ample material for us to have a monthly newsletter, and I will strive to get something out every calendar month. No guarantees on what day of the month. Submissions are welcome. If you have something to share, send it in. There is no assurance every submission will be published. For best results, confine submissions to items of interest to most members and also pertinent to the goals of FACT. My email address is jf_blanton@yahoo.com.

That said, throughout my education, the English language has been my staunchest opponent, but I am hoping I am finally getting a handle on grammar and spelling. Clara Atkins was my English teacher in high school, and sometimes her ghost comes back to haunt me. Now that she is gone it will be up to you, readers, to take on that task. Feel free to chastise me for any language transgressions.

Keep reading and  best regards,

John Blanton

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